Tech Roundup: Why Brazil is so exposed to cyberattacks

Everything you need to know about innovation and tech in Brazil this week

Tech Roundup: Why Brazil is exposed to cyberattacks
Image: Kerly Chonglor/Shutterstock

This week’s topics: cyberattacks in Brazil. Landless Workers meet the financial market. AI used to democratize student loans.

Brazil suffers almost 900,000 cyberattacks every hour

In our increasingly digital and connected world, cyberattacks on businesses and individual users have become more common. According to data from cybersecurity company Akamai, there were more than 193 billion attempted credential theft attacks worldwide in 2020 alone. And the situation is no different in Brazil: the country faces no less than 894,000 cyberattacks every hour.

Higher numbers. Several surveys conducted between the beginning of last year and now show that such attacks are...

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