Tech Roundup: Online sales to save Valentines’ Day

A digest of the most important news on technology and innovation in Brazil

E-commerce could save Brazilian Valentines' Day once again
Photo: Warat42/Shutterstock

This week’s topics: On this year’s Sweetheart’s Day, e-commerce will once again be the savior. São Paulo opens its first hub for green startups. 2021 already breaking records for Brazilian startups. 

E-commerce could save Brazilian Valentines’ Day once again

On June 12, Brazil celebrates Sweethearts’ Day, the country’s answer to Valentines’ Day. And despite a scenario of record unemployment, rising inflation, falling revenue among Brazilian families, and a continuing pandemic, retailers expect positive results — and that’s largely thanks to e-commerce.

Online sales. This year, around 53 percent of consumers are expected to buy a Sweethearts’ Day gift online —...

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