The São Paulo research institute leading the charge toward a Brazilian vaccine

Created 120 years ago, the Butantan Biological Institute has a proud history of scientific developments and immunization campaigns

Butantan Biological Institute
Photo: Cadu Rolim/Shutterstock

March was a torturous month for Brazil. The country registered almost 67,000 coronavirus deaths over the space of its 31 days, and short-term outlooks are worse still. But there was one announcement during the month that brought hope, when the São Paulo-based Butantan Biological Institute declared it had developed its own Covid-19 vaccine.

Vaccination efforts in Brazil have stuttered, and just over 2 percent of the population have received two doses of Covid-19 immunizers so far.

Therefore, the potential delivery of 40 million shots of the so-called “Butanvac” vaccine — providing it passes clinical trials — brings some relief...

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