Tech Roundup: Redemption closer for Oi Telecom

The impact of Itaú’s digital transformation, the newest developments with Oi recovery plan, and cyberthreats surrounding Latin America

oi telecom public telephone central bank
Oi Telecom is one of Brazil’s biggest providers of public telephones

You’re reading The Brazilian Report’s weekly tech roundup, a digest of the most important news on technology and innovation in Brazil. This week’s topics: the impact of Itaú’s digital transformation on Brazil’s corporate sector, the newest developments with Oi’s recovery plan, and the cyber threats surrounding Latin America. 

Path to redemption becomes clearer for Oi Telecom

Telecom operator Oi has excited investors by taking major steps to recover from its four-year-long court-supervised recovery process. At the time it was filed, Oi’s BRL 64-billion case (USD 12.38 billion) was the largest in Brazil’s history.

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