Tech Roundup: Brazilian university to send pioneer burn treatment to Beirut hospitals

Tech Roundup: Researchers to help Beirut victims. The push to find out if Covid-19 can be detected in speech. And Brazilians reject message tracking

Beirut: Brazilian researchers to send pioneer burn treatement to Lebanon
Tilapia skin used on burn victim. Photo: UFC

You’re reading The Brazilian Reports weekly tech roundup, a digest of the most important news on technology and innovation in Brazil. This week’s topics: Brazilian researchers’ endeavor to find out if Covid-19 can be detected in speech, Brazilians reject having their private messages tracked, and researchers in Ceará that use tilapia fish skin for burns reach out a helping hand to Beirut. 

Scientists in Ceará offer tilapia skin to treat Beirut burn victims

Researchers from the Federal University of Ceará plan to donate the entire stock of their pioneer burn treatment using tilapia skin to help victims of this week’s...

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