Water Crisis

Jan 15, 2020
The most recent twist in Brazil's quest for OECD membership. The lack of internet connection is the main hurdle for the development of Brazil's agribusiness. And Rio de Janeiro's water crisis.

SocietyMar 24, 2019

Fallout from Brumadinho dam collapse harming crucial Brazilian river

A fear shared by hydrologists, environmental activists, and millions...

SocietyMar 12, 2019

Why São Paulo falls into chaos when it rains

Footage from São Paulo on Monday was shocking. Cars...

BusinessApr 10, 2018

Breaking down Brazil’s energy matrix

The history of the Brazilian Northeast is undeniably connected...
water crisis Brazil’s capital Brasília wants residents to defecate into newspapers

Society Apr 02, 2018

Amid a water crisis, Brazil’s capital wants residents to defecate into newspapers

The water crisis in the Federal District (Brasília) is the most severe in its history. And while authorities scramble to find a solution, residents...
brazil water resources mariana

Society Mar 22, 2018

Pollution and policies threaten Brazil’s water resources

Brazil has some of the most plentiful water resources of any country in the world, counting the planet’s largest river and its second-biggest aquifer...
São Paulo water crisis: Cantareira. Photo: Fernanda Carvalho/FP

Society Jan 15, 2018

São Paulo could be headed to another water crisis

Intense rainfall put the city of São Paulo on an anti-flood alert until yesterday. Meanwhile, however, the city’s main water supply reservoir, the Cantareira...
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