Apr 02, 2020
As the coronavirus spread worsens, authorities around the world scramble to get their hands on ventilators — equipment that takes over the breathing process when lungs are no longer capable. For severe Covid-19 patients, these machines offer the best chance...

CoronavirusApr 02, 2020

Brazil faces difficulty in medicine purchases

The Covid-19 pandemic has caught most countries’ healthcare systems...

PowerMar 07, 2020

Bolsonaro and Trump dine over defense deal

Confirmed at the last minute, Jair Bolsonaro...

BusinessFeb 27, 2020

Could the coronavirus outbreak create a supply shortage in Brazil?

Demand is heating up in Brazil—but the coronavirus outbreak...
feathers samba schools brazil carnival china

Business Feb 25, 2020

From costumes to parades, Brazil’s Carnival is now “made in China”

In this year's Carnival, whether you're watching the parades on TV, or you're at famous street celebrations, chances are that Chinese influence...
argentina brazil mercosur eu trade deal

Latin America Feb 12, 2020

Argentina looking to get back into Brazil’s good books with visit

Meetings between Argentina's foreign minister and the Bolsonaro administration seek to re-establish trade ties between the neighboring countries
Workers mount tractors at tractors and machines factory, in Mogi das Cruzes. Photo: Alf Ribeiro/Shutterstock

Brazil Daily Feb 11, 2020

Skilled workers harder to come by in Brazil

Brazilian industries can't hire qualified workers. Trump to remove Brazil's status as a developing nation. The "normalcy" of extreme climate conditions
Who will Brazil cheer for in the U.S. elections?

Power Feb 02, 2020

Who should Brazil cheer for in the U.S. elections?

Brazil's government and opposition are beginning to look closer at the upcoming U.S. elections, working out who they will support
covid-19 Brazil by the Numbers oil bolsonaro energy bhp country risk marielle poverty rio currency amazon paraisópolis xp 2019 inflation nazi imf coronavirus carnival Iron ore femicides coronavirus deaths

Society Feb 01, 2020

Numbers of the week: Feb. 1, 2020

This is Brazil by the Numbers, a weekly digest of the most interesting figures tucked inside the latest news about Brazil. A selection of...
Brexit opportunity brazilian companies

Brazil Daily Jan 31, 2020

The Brexit opportunity for Brazilian companies

How Brexit could affect Brazilian companies. The imminent firing of the president's Chief of Staff. And new rules for loans that present risks for...
Gun market soars in Brazil under Jair Bolsonaro

Business Jan 28, 2020

Gun market soars in Brazil under Jair Bolsonaro

On the campaign trail, Jair Bolsonaro was a firm advocate for more guns in the hands of "upstanding" citizens. His first-year moves...
Brazil India trade relations

Power Jan 24, 2020

What Bolsonaro wants from India

The Brazilian president will take part in India's Republic Day celebrations—and hopes to improve bilateral relations and trade between the two countries
Due to the economic crisis and hyperinflation in Venezuela, the unofficial dollar exchange rate reaches VEF 250,000 for USD 1. Photo: Sunsinger/Shutterstock

Latin America Jan 21, 2020

Why Brazilian trade with Venezuela has hit a 20-year low

Imports and exports have fallen significantly, but ideological squabbling between Bolsonaro and Maduro isn't the main cause
Trump keeps OECD promise to Bolsonaro

Brazil Daily Jan 15, 2020

Trump keeps OECD promise to Bolsonaro

The most recent twist in Brazil's quest for OECD membership. The lack of internet connection is the main hurdle for the development...
evangelical voters

Brazil Weekly Jan 13, 2020

Lula’s plan to get the evangelical vote

Good morning!  This week, how the Workers’ Party tries to lure Evangelical voters to the left. Jair Bolsonaro’s trip to India. Brazil’s lost decade....
Ideology and trade pose Iran dilemma for Bolsonaro government

Latin America Jan 10, 2020

Ideology and trade pose Iran dilemma for Bolsonaro government

Brazil and Argentina have traditionally held close trade relationships with Iran, regardless of who is in power. Bolsonaro's foreign policy could put...
debt brazilian companies

Brazil Daily Jan 08, 2020

In debt, Brazilian firms could miss out on economic recovery

Big Brazilian firms in debt could miss out on Brazil's recovery. How Brazil's relationship with Iran is developing. Bolsonaro refuses to "tax the sun."...
U.S.-Iran conflict

Brazil Weekly Jan 06, 2020

How would Brazil act if a U.S.-Iran conflict breaks out?

The possible ripple effects of U.S.-Iran tensions in Brazil.
Brazilian Embassy in Washington lays empty for the longest time since 1925

Power Dec 20, 2019

Brazilian Embassy in Washington lays empty for the longest time since 1925

In his first year in office, President Jair Bolsonaro’s foreign policy was marked by a near unwavering alignment with the U.S. The northern ally...
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