May 25, 2020
🇪🇨 Ecuador. The government is set to raise taxes on higher-income companies and individuals. (El Comercio, in Spanish) 🇺🇾 Uruguay. President Luis Lacalle Pou will reinforce border control after Covid-19 deaths in the town of Rivera, on the Brazilian...

CoronavirusMay 22, 2020

Government predicts BRL 540.5 billion primary deficit in 2020

The Economy Ministry has widened its fiscal target for...

CoronavirusMay 12, 2020

Federal government net tax revenue drops 30 percent in April

The net tax revenue of Brazil’s federal government fell...

CoronavirusApr 22, 2020

Tax revenue in March lowest in a decade

The Brazilian federal government raised BRL 109.7 billion (USD...
revenue services

Coronavirus Apr 09, 2020

Revenue services to pardon non-voters applying for emergency salary

The Federal Revenue Service announced it will pardon those who did not vote in past elections so that they can qualify for the emergency...
Will Europe look to Brazil for its post-Covid-19 football calendar?

Coronavirus Apr 01, 2020

Covid-19 to change Brazil’s tax calendar

After some hesitation, the government has decided to give Brazilians more time to turn in their income tax returns. The move comes after pressure...
speaker tax returns

Coronavirus Mar 31, 2020

Congress analyzing delay in submitting income tax returns

Lawmakers are working on bills to postpone deadlines for submitting income tax returns, but there is no agreement on a proposed deadline yet, according...
Brazil new tax on financial transactions

Coronavirus Mar 26, 2020

Income tax for small businesses delayed until June

Small companies will now have until June 30 to submit their income tax returns to the Federal Revenue Service, with the deadline extended as...
Explaining Brazil #72: Can Brazil approve a tax reform in 2019?

Coronavirus Mar 20, 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Brazilian revenue authorities won’t change income tax calendar

Brazil’s federal revenue service has told The Brazilian Report that the Covid-19 outbreak will not alter the calendar for Brazilian taxpayers to turn in...
Companies in Brazil owe a combined BRL 2.2 trillion to the federal government, and courts and lawmakers are pursuing measures to reclaim a part of this tax haul

Business Mar 02, 2020

Government going after big debtors to recover unpaid tax

The total amount of debt that 4.6 million Brazilians and companies operating in the country currently have with the federal government equates to a...
Digital Tax Brazil

Tech Feb 28, 2020

Tech Roundup Feb. 28, 2020 | Should Brazil charge a digital tax?

What Brazilian lawmakers think about a digital tax. Tech made a mark on the 2020 Carnival. The fight over Brazil's listed companies. And more
Congress takes the first step toward tax reform

Brazil Daily Feb 20, 2020

Congress takes the first step toward tax reform

The advances of the tax reform in Brazil. Bolsonaro empowers Economy Minister Paulo Guedes. And a senator is shot twice during a police strike...
tax reform bolsonaro

Brazil Daily Feb 18, 2020

Bolsonaro’s war on states could backfire

The president's war with state governors might hamper the tax reform. Courts find oil workers' strike illegal. And expectations with the Brazilian...
fuel prices tax reform brazil

Business Feb 13, 2020

How tax cuts on fuels may impact Brazil’s tax reform?

President Jair Bolsonaro has engaged in tax populism to cater to his support base. He promised to lift fuel taxes—trying to push...
Cancer cure claims in Colombia's (pseudo) science ministry

Brazil Daily Feb 06, 2020

Cancer cure claims in Colombia’s (pseudo) science ministry

We’re covering today the controversy around Colombia’s science minister – who claimed to have found a way to treat cancer. The brawls between Jair...
Argentina plan to climb from its debt

Latin America Feb 05, 2020

Argentina’s plan to climb out of its debt sinkhole

Argentinian President Alberto Fernández has embarked on a roadshow in Europe to gather support for his government's plans to renegotiate its IMF...
The start of the legislative year kicks off the political calendar in 2020. And President Bolsonaro has plenty on his plate: pressing reforms, a Supreme Court vacancy, and much intrigue.

Podcast Feb 05, 2020

Explaining Brazil Podcast #94: Bolsonaro, season 2 begins

President Bolsonaro has a lot on his plate: pressing reforms, a Supreme Court vacancy, and much intrigue.
Debt politicians

Power Jan 28, 2020

Over 7,000 Brazilian politicians in debt to federal government

Federal tax liability records show that 7,186 elected politicians owe over BRL 1.1 billion to the public treasury
oil prices brazil bolsonaro

Power Jan 07, 2020

Brazilian stories you may have missed during the holidays

The end-of-year holidays are usually a quiet period for Brazilian politics and business, as Congress and the Supreme Court take a month-long recess, and...
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