Feb 05, 2020
Brazil's Evangelical human rights minister wants to rely on teen abstinence to curb teen pregnancy rates. Can it work?

Latin AmericaJan 27, 2020

Pope Francis’ role in Argentinian politics

When Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio was announced as the new...

Brazil WeeklyJan 13, 2020

Lula’s plan to get the evangelical vote

Good morning!  This week, how the Workers’ Party tries...

SocietyDec 23, 2019

Why Uruguay doesn’t celebrate Christmas

With only 3.5 million inhabitants, Uruguay is one of...
Evangelical gangs in Rio de Janeiro wage ‘holy war’ on Afro-Brazilian faiths

Society Dec 17, 2019

Evangelical gangs in Rio de Janeiro wage ‘holy war’ on Afro-Brazilian faiths

The expression “Evangelical drug trafficker” may sound incongruous, but in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, it’s widespread. “Charismatic Christianity” is on the rise...
Latin American Catholic Church covers up a new child abuse scandal: study

Society Nov 30, 2019

Latin American Catholic Church covers up new child abuse scandals: study

In June 2018, 34 Chilean bishops offered Pope Francis their resignations following the biggest child abuse scandal in the country’s history. Many of these...
Evangelicals in Brazil see abuse of God’s earth as a sin – but will they fight to save the Amazon?

Opinion Nov 27, 2019

Abusing the Earth a sin for Brazilian Evangelicals. But will they fight for the Amazon?

When the Brazilian city of São Paulo abruptly went dark in the afternoon on August 19, there was talk of an impending rapture—not all...
saint sister dulce

Society Oct 13, 2019

The Good Angel of Bahia becomes a Saint

This afternoon, in the Vatican City, Sister Dulce Pontes will be canonized by Pope Francis, becoming Saint Dulce of the Poor—Brazil’s 37th recognized saint....
Corpus Christi is marked by São Paulo's March for Jesus

Brazil Weekly Jun 20, 2019

Corpus Christi: a holiday for God and LGBTQ pride

Brazil celebrates Corpus Christi today. During this long, 4-day holiday, business and politics take a pause in the country. That’s why we’re you’re receiving...
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Podcast Jun 19, 2019

Explaining Brazil #65: Faith is a profitable business in Brazil

On June 20, the Christian community will march together in the March for Jesus, one of the biggest religious events in the world. They...
evangelicals in brazil march for jesus

Society Jun 15, 2019

From social media to Sunday service, how Brazilian churches compete for followers

On June 20, the Christian community will march together, across all denominations, in the March for Jesus, one of the biggest religious events in...
Oxfam polled thousands of Brazilians on their perception of the problems facing their country, one-third quote religion as a way to improve their lives.

Society Apr 09, 2019

Inequality study shows a Brazil fueled by religion and anti-corruption

“Brazil above everything, God above everyone.” There are reasons, deeply entrenched in Brazilian society, why Jair Bolsonaro’s election motto worked so well. For decades,...
Gospel news: how evangelical websites shape the views of millions of Brazilians

Opinion Mar 05, 2019

How evangelical news websites shape the views of millions in Brazil

The new Brazilian government of Jair Bolsonaro has shocked the liberal world with its right-wing views and efforts to block a progressive agenda for minorities and...
African-Brazilian religions in danger in Bolsonaro's Brazil

Society Jan 07, 2019

Afro-Brazilian religions in danger in Bolsonaro’s Brazil

Speaking to supporters during a campaign event last year, then-presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro proclaimed: “God is above all. There is no such thing as...
Brazil's new Education Minister and his war on "leftist indoctrination"

Power Nov 23, 2018

Brazil’s new Education Minister and his war on “leftist indoctrination”

Piece by piece, President-elect Jair Bolsonaro is putting together the jigsaw of his new cabinet, announcing each new pick on his personal Twitter account....
bolsonaro speech

Power Oct 29, 2018

Analyzing Jair Bolsonaro’s first speech as president-elect

On Sunday, Brazilians elected Jair Messias Bolsonaro president for the next four years, giving him 55.13 percent of valid votes. After the win, he...
brazilian readers

Business Aug 30, 2018

Brazilian publishers in crisis: market stagnates in country of non-readers

In early August, Editora Abril, one of Brazil’s biggest publishers, announced that it would be employing massive cuts. Ten magazines were scrapped, with approximately...
Why does Brazil celebrates Valentine's Day today?

Society Jun 12, 2018

Why does Brazil celebrate Valentine’s Day on June 12?

If you are a foreigner living in Brazil, you may have noticed a change in advertisements and shop-windows. All of a sudden, stores have...
flavio rocha evangelical voters

Power Apr 27, 2018

How will Evangelical voters influence Brazil’s 2018 election

Framing himself as Brazil’s moderate conservative choice for 2018, Flávio Rocha is not wasting time. Immediately after announcing his candidacy, the businessman-turned-politician made sure...
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