Good morning! Can Brazil defy the global trend of slowdown predicted by the IMF and regain growth in 2020? Plus, we’re covering Congress’ deal on an upcoming massive oil auction. And the president’s party has joined forces with …...

PowerOct 15, 2019

Why President Bolsonaro is warring with his own party

Until 2018, few people, if any, had ever heard...

Brazil DailyOct 15, 2019

‘Big Center’ wants big losses for the government

Good morning! The government v. Congress’ “Big Center.” Interest...

SocietyOct 12, 2019

Numbers of the week: Oct. 12, 2019

This is Brazil by the Numbers, a weekly digest...
bolsonaro party psl social liberal party

Brazil Daily Oct 09, 2019

Bolsonaro’s PSL: the crumbling of a ruling party

Good morning! Today we are covering the chances of Jair Bolsonaro abandoning his current political party, as well as the admission from WhatsApp that...
bolsonaro political disarray

Opinion Oct 07, 2019

The ends without the means: the government’s political disarray

The beginning of the Jair Bolsonaro government was defined by the far-right president’s decision not to form a coalition in Congress. Claiming that he...
ptinder tinder for leftists

Society Oct 02, 2019

“Leftists-only” dating app hopes to seize the means of seduction in Brazil

The political polarization in Brazil has become so pervasive that it seeps into almost every facet of daily life. Family lunches have become battlegrounds,...
rock in rio music festival

Society Sep 29, 2019

How Brazilians turned music festivals into political statements

For the next two weekends, Rio de Janeiro is set to become the world’s music capital, as artists and fans from around the world...
wilson witzel rio de janeiro governor

Power Sep 29, 2019

Wilson Witzel believes letting cops kill will lead him to Brazil’s presidency

The story of 8-year-old Ágatha Félix has moved Rio de Janeiro and the country as a whole. Last week, while sitting in the back...
Why congressional investigation committees are important again

Power Sep 24, 2019

Why congressional investigation committees are important again

For years, parliamentary investigation committees (CPI) were political instruments feared by governments. In the early 1990s, the Fernando Collor administration began to crumble once...
Brazil by the Numbers oil bolsonaro energy bhp country risk marielle poverty rio currency amazon paraisópolis xp 2019 inflation nazi

Society Sep 21, 2019

Numbers of the week: Sep. 21, 2019

This is Brazil by the Numbers, a weekly digest of the most interesting figures tucked inside the latest news about Brazil. Random numbers that...
How the right seized Brazil's national symbols

Society Sep 07, 2019

How the right seized Brazil’s national symbols

Today is Brazilian Independence Day, and President Jair Bolsonaro has called on all of his voters to take to the streets, dressed in the...
Who is augusto aras Brazil's new Prosecutor General augusto aras

Power Sep 06, 2019

Who is Brazil’s new Prosecutor General?

President Jair Bolsonaro has finally picked Brazil’s prosecutor general for the next two years: electoral law expert August Aras, who is currently serving as...
kc-390 Brazil's brand new military plane

Brazil Daily Sep 04, 2019

KC-390: Brazil’s brand new military plane

The Brazilian Air Force has a new military plane, the KC-390. Jair Bolsonaro doubles down on his populist rhetoric. The pension reform could move...
How Bolsonaro escaped the August curse

Power Sep 01, 2019

How Bolsonaro escaped the August curse

August is over, to the delight of many Brazilians. The eighth month of the year is infamously associated with bad luck in Brazil, in...
Bolsonaro lies as the Amazon dies

Environment Aug 22, 2019

Bolsonaro lies as the Amazon dies

The world is looking on aghast as the Amazon rainforest burns with reckless abandon. The forest—which is often referred to as the “lungs of...
lula prison workers party brazil

Power Aug 08, 2019

Lula transfer row a potential ploy to save Car Wash

On Wednesday afternoon, a decision from a federal judge in Curitiba authorized the transfer of jailed former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva from...
bolsonaro raquel dodge prosecutor general vale brumadinho

Power Aug 08, 2019

What’s at stake in the fight for Brazil’s prosecutor general job

After last year’s general elections, the new members of Congress barely had time to decorate their offices before maneuvers for the 2020—and even 2022—elections...
formula 1 sao paulo brazil

Business Jul 29, 2019

How the Formula 1 deadlock may impact the São Paulo economy

Formula 1 has always drawn attention in Brazil, but in 2019 the spotlight was turned on the local Grand Prix (GP) earlier than usual—and...
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