Mar 10, 2020
Even after two horrific dam tragedies over the last five years, the mining sector in Brazil is still precarious

SocietyFeb 29, 2020

Numbers of the week: Feb. 29, 2020

This is Brazil by the Numbers, a weekly digest...

EnvironmentFeb 14, 2020

Brazil’s indigenous handed a “death sentence” with new mining bill

A series of administrative changes and a...

PowerDec 05, 2019

There’s a president who’s sure, all that glitters is niobium

Brazil’s far-right president Jair Bolsonaro is not a gifted...
supreme court lula

Brazil Daily Nov 08, 2019

Lula set for release after Supreme Court ruling

Good morning! Today we’re looking at the Supreme Court ruling now set to release Lula from jail. Also, U.S. journalist is assaulted live on...
Can Vale still be a buy opportunity after Brumadinho

Business Oct 20, 2019

Can Vale still be a ‘buy’ opportunity after Brumadinho?

Since January 25, 2019, Brazilian mining company Vale has been living something approaching an astral hell. On that day, a dam failure in the...
gold mines brazil bolsonaro

Power Oct 16, 2019

Efforts to eradicate wildcat gold mines stir up tensions in Central Brazil

One year ago, news spread that there were gold nuggets “sprouting out of the ground” in Serra do Expedito, 25 kilometers from the city...
human rights watch deforestation amazon

Brazil Daily Sep 17, 2019

How the ‘Amazon Mafia’ operates

Good morning! Today, we break down a new report by Human Rights Watch on how tree loggers and armed militias are literally operating ‘under...
tailings dam

Business Aug 13, 2019

Why do upstream tailings dams remain active in Brazil?

On January 25, 2019, the world looked on in horror at the wave of mud unleashed by the Brumadinho dam collapse. The incident, the...
brumadinho tailings dam

Opinion Aug 06, 2019

How Brumadinho disaster could push global change in tailings management

Tailings are a sand-like byproduct of mining activities which are the result of crushing ores before mineral extraction. Often, tailings are disposed of in...
Amazon new gold rush

Brazil Daily Aug 05, 2019

The Amazon’s new gold rush

Good morning! A new gold rush threatens the Amazon. With Congress back from vacation, the House is set to hold the second round of...
bombardier alstom corruption são paulo metro

Brazil Daily Jul 09, 2019

Alstom, Bombardier guilty of forming a cartel

Good morning! Eleven companies were found guilty of rigging public bidding processes in São Paulo—including big names such as Alstom and Bombardier. The pension...
The latest version of Brazil's pension reform

Brazil Daily Jun 13, 2019

Brazil’s pension reform moves forward

Save the date: Brazil’s pension reform The pension reform’s rapporteur in the House, Congressman Samuel Moreira, will present his report today before a special...
amazon environment mining

Society Jun 05, 2019

The Amazon transformed

As today is World Environment Day, The Brazilian Report is republishing a study by the Amazonian Georeferenced Socio-Environmental Information Network (RAISG), mapping the pressures...
Crowds protest against education cuts in Brazil. Person with Bolsonaro´s devil´s mask at Paulista Avenue in Sao Paulo

Brazil Weekly May 18, 2019

Bolsonaro calls Brazil “ungovernable” and parties fear radicalization

The federal government announced massive cuts to the education budget—and tried to turn it into an ideological discussion. How markets performed this week. Bolsonaro...
indigenous land rondonia

Society May 08, 2019

Indigenous communities under siege in Brazilian Amazon

In the state of Rondônia, there is something of a siege underway against indigenous groups. Looking at a map of the region—which lies north-east...
The government's strategy to avoid another truckers' strike

Brazil Daily Apr 17, 2019

Brazil remains hostage to truck drivers 

Good morning! Brazil remains hostage to truck drivers. Increasing competition in oil refining. The Supreme Court v. Everyone. Pension reform. Brazil remains hostage to...
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Podcast Apr 17, 2019

Explaining Brazil #56: Why is the Brazilian government spying on Catholic priests?

This episode, Why is the Brazilian government spying on Catholic priests?, is supported by Fast Help. Fast Help is a Brasília-based IT company that is focused...
uranium nuclear brazil

Business Apr 12, 2019

Could Brazil be the next nuclear powerhouse?

Speaking at a mining conference in Canada earlier this year, Brazil’s minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, made an important announcement: Brazil, with...
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