Good morning! We’re covering today the secrecy surrounding Jair Bolsonaro’s new state-owned company. The threat of deepfakes in 2020, when Brazil holds municipal elections. And the country’s new unicorn. (This newsletter is for platinum subscribers only. Become one now!)...

Brazil DailyDec 04, 2019

How optimistic should we be about Brazil’s GDP numbers?

Good morning! We’re covering today Brazil’s GDP numbers (and...

Brazil DailyNov 27, 2019

Brazil bars marijuana monopoly

Good morning! We’re covering today Brazil’s promising cannabis market....

Brazil WeeklyNov 25, 2019

Crisis in South America a problem for Brazilian exporters

Good morning! This week, we talk about Brazilian trade...
china brazil free trade deal

Business Nov 14, 2019

Is a free-trade deal the best option for Brazil and China?

For Brazil and China, the 11th BRICS summit—held Wednesday and Thursday this week—had a special meaning. The event helped to put an end at...
Presidential candidate Alberto Fernández with his running mate, former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Photo Julio Gelves

Latin America Oct 28, 2019

Argentina elections: is Alberto Fernández a populist?

Argentina’s presidential election on October 27 has swung power back to the center-left following four years of right-wing rule under Mauricio Macri. The former...
Brazil's plan to slash import tariffs mercosur

Brazil Daily Oct 23, 2019

Brazil’s plan to slash import tariffs

Good morning! We’re covering Brazil’s plan to lower import tariffs, and how it could implode Mercosur. Poor-quality roads make producers lose a lot of...
How is Paraguay seducing entrepreneurs (and what Brazil can learn from that)

Latin America Sep 28, 2019

What Brazil can learn from Paraguay’s seduction of foreign investors

“How to open a company in Paraguay” and “everything you need to know about investments in Paraguay” appear as Google hints when you do...
mercosur-eu trade deal

Brazil Daily Sep 19, 2019

The first veto to the Mercosur-EU trade agreement

Good morning! European countries start moving to kill the Mercosur-EU deal. The outlook for the Brazilian economy. And what to expect from Jair Bolsonaro’s...
Why Brazil shouldn't pick fights with France

Power Sep 08, 2019

Why Brazil shouldn’t pick fights with France

“Merchants don’t pick sides” is a common adage among Brazilian business owners, and a resourceful business strategy in a country that tends to be...
Sebastián Piñera (L) and Jair Bolsonaro

Latin America Sep 07, 2019

How Brazil is losing regional prominence to Chile

Despite being one of the world’s largest economies, Brazil never had much of a role at the global diplomatic top table. Though not for...
argentina alberto fernandez cristina kirchner

Opinion Aug 28, 2019

The Argentinian option: What could the Brazilian left learn from its neighbor?

Given electoral trends across Latin America in recent years, the recent primary results in Argentina came as somewhat of a surprise. With former President...
What is in store for Brazil Argentina relations?

Power Aug 25, 2019

What is in store for Brazil-Argentina relations?

Argentina primary elections were established in 2009 as a way to limit the number of candidacies on the final presidential ballot, with tickets receiving...
sisfron border brazil

Tech Aug 19, 2019

Brazil-Paraguay border surveillance program nears completion

In approximately six months, a stretch of 650 kilometers of the Brazil-Paraguay border is set to have a sophisticated surveillance system. This is the...
supreme court prepares for violence. protest 2013 brasília

Brazil Daily Aug 16, 2019

The Supreme Court is gearing up … for war?

Good morning! The end of Mercosur? The Brazilian Supreme Court preparing for … war? The flight of foreign investors from the Brazilian market. The...
Itaipu Brazil Paraguay Benitez Bolsonaro impeachment dam

Power Aug 15, 2019

Frankly Jair, I don’t give a dam

On the Paraná river, which divides Brazil and Paraguay, lies the Itaipu Dam, a hydroelectric complex which produces more energy than any power plant...
Germany to cut funds for Amazon preservation

Brazil Daily Aug 12, 2019

Germany to cut funds for Amazon preservation

Good morning! In today’s issue: Germany pulls out of the Amazon Fund. Argentina held its primary elections yesterday, and the results are set to...
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Podcast Jul 17, 2019

Explaining Brazil #69: Why Argentina’s presidential election matters to Brazil

Argentina is Brazil’s third-biggest trading partner—and the main destination of Brazilian manufactured goods. That’s one of the main reasons why anything that happens there...
What does Brazil need to enter a new era of trade deals?

Opinion Jul 15, 2019

What does Brazil need to enter a new era of trade deals?

Since Mercosur and the European Union (EU) agreed on a free trade deal in June, the Brazilian government has announced its desire to expedite...
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