Human Rights

Feb 11, 2019
“We witness, time and time again, disasters that could very much have been avoided,” said Brazilian Prosecutor General Raquel Dodge when talking about a fire that killed 10 teenage football players on February 8. The young men were sleeping...

PowerJan 31, 2019

Jair Bolsonaro: 30 days later

Jair Bolsonaro was elected president in October 2018 with...

SocietyJan 17, 2019

In Brazil, indigenous groups clash with mining companies in 400 areas

The remote indigenous land Xikrin do Rio Cateté is...

SocietyJan 04, 2019

No cryptocurrency for native Brazilians, says Ministry of Human Rights

Damares Alves, minister of the newly created Ministry of...

Brazil Weekly Dec 08, 2018

Brazilian state of Roraima under federal intervention

In this week’s issue: The most important facts of the week. 30m Brazilians live in “news deserts.” Brazilian state of Roraima under federal intervention....
human rights damares alves

Power Dec 07, 2018

Who is Damares Alves, Brazil’s new Minister of Human Rights?

On Thursday afternoon, Jair Bolsonaro’s future Chief of Staff, Onyx Lorenzoni, announced the latest appointment to Brazil’s incoming cabinet. Damares Alves will be put...
Brazil is successfully reducing Aids deaths, but number of cases increases

Society Dec 01, 2018

Brazil is successfully reducing AIDS deaths, but number of cases increases

Over the past 30 years, Brazil has established itself as a reference around the world in the treatment of AIDS. Since 1996, the country’s...
4 charts show Venezuela’s worsening migrant crisis

Society Sep 06, 2018

These four charts show Venezuela’s worsening migrant crisis

A few years ago, Venezuela seemed to be setting the standard for social welfare in the region. In 2015, the United Nations recognized Venezuela...

Society Aug 22, 2018

Brazil’s election escalates violence against Venezuelan refugees

The atmosphere is tense in Pacaraima, the small town of roughly 12,000 inhabitants which sits on Brazil’s border with Venezuela, in the northernmost state...
lula un human rights committee

Power Aug 21, 2018

Sorry, Lula supporters, but UN ruling will not stick

On Friday, the United Nations Human Rights Committee released a statement requesting that former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who is currently...
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Podcast Aug 01, 2018

Explaining Brazil #22: Abortion rights in Brazil

In the morning of February 16, 2015, a 19-year-old woman checked into a hospital in São Bernardo do Campo, on the outskirts of São...
Diplomats yet to identify Brazilian children separated from parents at U.S. border

Power Jun 23, 2018

Diplomats yet to identify Brazilian children separated from parents at U.S. border

On Thursday, The Brazilian Report wrote about the (at least) 49 Brazilian children who have been affected by the U.S. government’s policy of treating...
child family separation u.s. border

Society Jun 21, 2018

Brazilians affected by the family separation crisis at U.S. border

The U.S. government has enforced a now infamous “zero tolerance” policy on immigrants who illegally cross the border. The Trump administration has decided to...
How Brazil’s air pollution threatens its future

Society May 16, 2018

How Brazil’s air pollution threatens its future

Approximately seven million people die each year as a consequence of air pollution, with 90 percent of these deaths taking place in low- and...
Landless Workers Movements could become subject to Brazil’s Antiterrorism Law

Society Apr 19, 2018

Landless Workers could become subject to Brazil’s Antiterrorism Law

Earlier this week, militant members of the Homeless Workers’ Movement (MTST) occupied the triplex used as evidence of former President Lula in the corruption...
rio de janeiro armed militias violence

Society Mar 26, 2018

How armed militias became part of Rio’s everyday life

It seems ludicrous now, but urban armed militias were once well-regarded in Rio de Janeiro. Originally, these groups were a kind of security patrol...
Brazilian military's creeping influence over the government democracy

Opinion Mar 02, 2018

Brazilian military’s creeping influence over the government

During an interview this week, former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso took a hit at incumbent Michel Temer. Following Temer’s decision to appoint an army...
Amnesty International violence brazil

Society Feb 22, 2018

Intervention lacks policy grounding, Amnesty International says

Increasing levels of violence were a recurring symbol over the course of last year in Brazil, says Amnesty International’s annual report on the state...
venezuelans in brazil

Society Feb 21, 2018

Who are the Venezuelans moving to Brazil?

Venezuelan migrants are arriving to Brazil in record numbers: in the first six months of 2017, the total number of refugee requests reached 7,600,...
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