For Brazil and China, the 11th BRICS summit—held Wednesday and Thursday this week—had a special meaning. The event helped to put an end at the hard feelings caused by president Jair Bolsonaro’s rhetoric during the election campaign, when he...

TourismSep 28, 2019

Holambra: the Dutchest city in Brazil

On the flat highway heading north-west out of the...

PowerSep 08, 2019

Why Brazil shouldn’t pick fights with France

“Merchants don’t pick sides” is a common adage among...

PodcastSep 04, 2019

Explaining Brazil #76: How Napoleon invented Brazil

Brazil is an improbable country. It is an immense...
para contamination norway amazon

Opinion Sep 04, 2019

European nations must confront their own faults in Amazon destruction

In February 2018, residents of Barcarena, a town to the south of the Amazonian state of Pará, complained that pools of accumulated rainwater around...
Amazon debacle shows Jair Bolsonaro don't thrive under pressure

Opinion Aug 31, 2019

The incompetent firefighter

When dealing with a textbook “worst-case scenario” over the last ten days, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro did almost everything wrong. Let’s set the scene....
brazil france relations macron bolsonaro

Brazil Daily Aug 28, 2019

Brazil-France relations at their worst ever?

Good morning! A look at Brazil-France relations, amid the feud between Jair Bolsonaro and Emmanuel Macron. Brazil could finally accept international money to fund...
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Podcast Jul 03, 2019

Explaining Brazil #67: The Mercosur-EU deal, explained

This week’s episode explores the Mercosur-EU trade deal President Jair Bolsonaro started off his participation at the G20 summit in Osaka, in the worst...
Could Brexit be good for Brazil?

Business Apr 11, 2019

Could Brexit be good for Brazil?

Since 2016, the world has been watching closely as the United Kingdom negotiates its drawn-out departure from the European Union. While continental Europeans try...
wto world trade organization

Power Dec 09, 2018

Brazil to push for WTO reform, says ambassador

Despite playing a minor role in the latest G20 summit, held in the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires ten days ago, Brazil intends to...
Brazilian troops deployed to Italy WW II Hugo Harada-GP World Wars

Guide to Brazil Oct 15, 2017

Brazil during the World Wars

While the rest of the planet teetered on the brink of one of history’s most expansive wars, we were busy looking inwards. The Contestado...
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