Feb 15, 2020
More than six months after the gigantic oil spill on the Brazilian coast—the causes of which are still unclear—the country’s Navy has introduced a requirement for vessels sailing in the open sea to transmit LRIT (Long Range Identification and...

Brazil WeeklyJan 27, 2020

Panic in Minas Gerais as rain causes 46 deaths

The calamity caused by intense rainfall and...

SocietySep 17, 2019

The fly that Brazil can’t swat

Every year it’s the same story. The Ministry of...

Brazil DailyMay 02, 2019

Brazil changes regulations to increase competition

Good morning! The government moves to reduce red tape...
Yellow fever brazil who world health organization

Society Feb 14, 2019

Yellow fever threat haunts Brazil once more

Once again, fears loom in Brazil of a possible comeback of yellow fever. What’s worse: urban outbreaks could occur quickly. Authorities have raised the...
How Brazil's pension system compares to other countries pension reform

Brazil Daily Feb 05, 2019

The government’s pension reform begins to take shape

Good morning. The government’s pension reform begins to take shape. President Bolsonaro’s health gets worse. Geopolitics in the way of agricultural exports. The government’s...
vale brumadinho dam collapse

Business Feb 05, 2019

Brazilians want Vale to pay for Brumadinho dam collapse

Little more than three years separate Brazil’s two worst environmental disasters. In 2015, a dam collapse in Mariana killed 19 people, wiped entire towns...
brumadinho dam collapse

Society Jan 27, 2019

Brumadinho dam collapse is the world’s worst since Mariana

Just three years after the 2015 Mariana dam collapse, Brazil is witnessing a similar tragedy happening only 150 kilometers away, in the small town...

Society Jan 27, 2019

Brumadinho collapse uncovers desperate situation of Brazil’s dams

Clocks showed 5:30 am this Sunday when the sirens sounded in Brumadinho. Everyone in town knew what it meant and began fleeing their homes...
Arson is destroying one of Brazil’s largest natural reserves Chapada dos Veadeiros

Society Oct 26, 2017

Arson is destroying one of Brazil’s largest natural reserves

Created in 1961, the National Park Chapada dos Veadeiros protects an area that spans nearly 241,000 hectares in central Brazil. The park is a...
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