Good morning!  We’re covering today how a weaker currency harms Brazilian companies. The government’s new land regulations. And a football-fueled controversy in Brazil’s anti-corruption court. (This newsletter is for platinum subscribers only. Become one now!) Weaker currency balloons debts...

Brazil DailyNov 28, 2019

Currency exchange: not something to be thankful for

Good morning! We’re covering Brazil’s hectic currency. Black Friday...

Brazil DailyNov 26, 2019

Less dollars, no problem?

Good morning! Brazil’s currency woes “not a problem” for...

SocietyNov 23, 2019

Numbers of the week: Nov. 23, 2019

This is Brazil by the Numbers, a weekly digest...
Fall of Brazilian currency, the Real, is 'no reason to panic'

Business Nov 21, 2019

Fall of Brazilian Real is ‘no reason to panic’

As the Brazilian currency, the Real, reached its all-time lowest nominal value against the U.S Dollar this week, the government has been battered with...
Is the Brazilian currency at an all-time low? Not exactly

Business Nov 15, 2019

Is the Brazilian currency at an all-time low? Not exactly

If you are read the Brazilian press, one topic may have stood out this week: the loss of value of Brazil’s currency against the...
eduardo bolsonaro cpac brazil

Brazil Weekly Oct 14, 2019

What to make of Brazil’s Conservative Political Action Conference

Good morning! This week, we’re covering CPAC Brazil—a conservative event imported by the Bolsonaros. And the crypto-gold rush taking Brazilians to Paraguay. Lower tariffs...
The Brazilian Central Bank's proposal to modernize the country’s foreign currency regulations is business-friendly, but could take time to come into force

Business Oct 10, 2019

Looking to stockpile dollars in Brazil? Not so fast

Getting involved in the modernizing reformist agenda established in previous years, Brazil’s Central Bank presented a bill to the House of Representatives aiming to...
petrobras oil spill

Brazil Daily Oct 08, 2019

Oil spills on Brazilian coast from Venezuela, says Petrobras

Good morning! We’re covering Petrobras’ findings on the origin of a mysterious 100-ton oil spill on Brazil’s Northeast coast. Plus, a new bill from...
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