Brazil is an improbable country. It is an immense mass of land, bound by a single language and a single flag. Even in the year of our independence, many thought Brazil as a nation would never actually come to...

BusinessMay 27, 2019

Rich Brazilians heading back to the Old Country

For decades, the upper crust of Brazilian society has...

Guide to BrazilSep 04, 2018

How Yellow bikes open new window into Brazil’s stray dog complex

Since last month, cyclists in São Paulo have been...

Guide to BrazilJul 17, 2018

Pre-Colonial Brazil was nothing like you may have been told

If you look for reading material about Brazilian history,...

Opinion Jul 06, 2018

Why do Britain and America despise Neymar?

Much of the fun of the World Cup is in its narrative. The redemption stories, the against-all-odds comebacks, the clashes between good and evil....
speak portuguese

Society May 05, 2018

Which countries speak Portuguese?

Portuguese is the official language of nine countries spanning five continents. Over 260 million people speak it every day. According to the American institute...
spanish speaking portuguese

Society May 05, 2018

Does speaking Portuguese isolate Brazil from the rest of Latin America?

When the Netflix original drama Narcos debuted in 2015, it instantly drew a cult following. That is, except for Colombia, where the story is...
Brazil colonization portugal colonial Brazil

Guide to Brazil Sep 25, 2017

Colonial Brazil

In history class, we Brazilians typically learn that our country was first “discovered” by the Portuguese explorer Pedro Álvares Cabral, who first reached Brazil’s...
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