Dec 30, 2019
While the world slowly becomes aware of what happens in Brazil, many foreigners still only know our country through the many clichés created by pop culture. Stereotypical Brazil is hypersexualized, with people playing football and listening to samba, surrounded...

SocietyDec 26, 2019

Brazilian movies to watch on Netflix during the holidays

2019 was an important year for Brazilian movies. In...

SocietySep 10, 2019

Bacurau: the feature film dividing Brazilian audiences

Bacurau, the latest feature film from director Kleber Mendonça...

OpinionJul 30, 2019

Brazil’s documentary wars

The events of the past years in Brazil deserve...
Falling public investment threaten Brazil’s economic recovery

Brazil Daily Jul 19, 2019

Public investment in Brazil at a 50-year low

Good morning! In today’s issue: Brazil needs to boost investment to break the vicious cycle of poor growth rates. Revelations from a plea bargain...
The Invisible Life of Euridice Gusmao cannes film festival

Society May 27, 2019

Brazil at the Cannes Film Festival

Over the past few years, Brazilian movies have made a splash at the Cannes Film Festival, one of the most prestigious in the world....
ilha das flores film

Society May 07, 2019

Isle of Flowers: The greatest Brazilian short film of all time

Claiming anything as “the greatest” in its category is a tricky assertion to make. Even more so with the arts. However, when the Brazilian...
Scene from Brazilian animation Angeli the Killer "A Crazy Love's Delirium"

Society Jun 11, 2018

Brazilian animation cinema shines on the international scene

Are we living in the golden age of Brazilian animated cinema? It certainly seems so. Just ten years ago, the industry hardly existed at...
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