Will Brazilian clubs finally have their Premier League moment?

With the local FA as politically weak as ever, clubs try to make a rare push for independence — obtaining more control over broadcasting rights and forming a breakaway league

premier league moment
The pandemic deprived Brazilian clubs one of their main sources of income: matchday revenue. Photo: Rodrigo Coca/ASCCP

In an era when football is seen as a marketable good more than anything else, the governing bodies of Brazilian football appear to have no concern for the quality of their product. A swollen fixture list sees clubs play year-round with minimal breaks, affecting players’ fitness and performance. Current league leaders Palmeiras, for example, have played 104 times since Brazilian football returned from a brief Covid-19 stoppage in July of last year.

The problems precede the pandemic, however. Elevated ticket prices led to poor attendances when fans were allowed in stadiums, and a mix of overplaying and financial...

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