Brazilian footballers take on video games in legal battles

FIFA is Brazil's most popular game, but scores of footballers have sued the developers over the use of their names and likenesses

video game football players
Football sim FIFA is a hit in Brazil. Photo: EA Sports

The video game market in Brazil is already the world’s 13th largest, worth over USD 1.5 billion a year according to market research consultancy firms. In a matter of a decade, the industry doubled in size. Projections suggest it could be three times larger in 2030. 

While globally popular freemium battle royale games such as CrossFire, League of Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone have a strong market in Brazil, the country’s best-selling game is EA Sports’ FIFA football sim series. More than six million units have been sold in Brazil since 2014, mainly for Playstation 4 and...

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