Brazilian football returns … with a fever

Despite the uncontrollable Covid-19 spread across Brazil, the national football championship has returned. Unsurprisingly, coronavirus chaos ensued

football coronavirus brazil
2020 Brazilian Serie A off to a chaotic start. Photo: Marcos de Paula/AllSports

On the same weekend that Brazil reached the shameful milestone of 100,000 Covid-19 deaths and 3 million cases, the country kicked off its 2020 national football championship, with 60 clubs in three divisions zipping all over the country to play in empty stadiums.

After the arrival of the coronavirus on Brazilian shores, the 2020 football season was always going to be problematic, with clubs’ revenue severely jeopardized by the four-month stoppage and the lack of paying customers at matches. But after just one weekend of fixtures, we have seen just how disorganized this year’s league will be, with only...

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