What are Brazil football’s “state championships”?

The Brazilian football season starts with state championships. And what to expect from 2020: 50 years of the 1970 World Cup, Tokyo Olympics, and more

SCCP paulistao state championships
Corinthians is the last São Paulo state champion. Photo: SCCP

Welcome back to the Brazil Sports newsletter! We hope you had an excellent holiday period and are ready to sink your teeth back into the Brazilian football season, which starts back up this week with state championships. The year 2020 promises to be a huge one for sport in Brazil, with the Tokyo Olympics starting in July, the Copa America (again) in June, and the country will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the famous 1970 World Cup win. Tune in every week, and you won’t miss a beat!

Brazilian football’s state affairs

After a little more than a month off,...

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