Cruzeiro fans riot after historic relegation

cruzeiro relegated brazilian league
Cruzeiro is the most-talented squad ever to be relegated in Brazil. Photo: Leo Fontes

Hello, and welcome to the Brazil Sports newsletter! With the league season brought to a close, we look at the momentous relegation of Cruzeiro, one of the country’s biggest clubs. Meanwhile, on the other end of the table, lowly Fortaleza exceeded everyone’s expectations this season, qualifying for a continental tournament for the first time in their history. We tell their story. Happy reading!

Cruzeiro: sinking the unsinkable ship

Sunday afternoon in the Mineirão stadium—the stage of Brazil’s 7-1 drubbing against Germany in the 2014 World Cup—and the home team Cruzeiro are fighting for their lives. The Belo Horizonte side needed...

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