Everything about Brazilian sports

  • Latest stories;
  • Politics and business;
  • Results and tables;
  • Peculiarities of Brazil
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Brazil Sports: your weekly digest of all the big stories from Brazilian sports desks

Brazil is known as the “Land of Football,” and its national team is one of the most recognizable worldwide. However, domestic sport is a huge business in Brazil—often overlooked outside of the country—involving billions of Reals and the passions of tens of millions of fans.

Sent every Monday morning, Brazil Sports will provide you with:

  • The latest stories, results, and tables from Brazil’s biggest sports—football, volleyball, MMA, basketball, among others;
  • In-depth analyses on the politics and business behind Brazilian sport;
  • A look at the peculiarities of sport in Brazil’s most remote areas.

With Brazil Sports, our house expert Euan Marshall will keep you up-to-date on all the main goings-on in Brazilian sport.The Brazilian Report is trusted by diplomats, think-tanks, multinational companies, and foreign correspondents.