Stuck on you: Brazil’s sticker craze persists despite inflation

Every four years, football fanatic Brazil embraces sticker collecting and swapping ahead of the World Cup. This year is no different, although economic difficulties may put the coveted sticker album out of reach for many

stickers world cup
Photo: Caroline Coutinho/TBR

Between swapping on the playground, pestering local shop owners, and — of course — incessantly hunting for shinies, I spent a significant chunk of my youth collecting Panini football stickers, burning a great deal of my pocket money in the process.

In my hometown in Scotland, the collection of choice was the annual Scottish Premier League sticker album, which every year served as something of a sacred tome to my football-fanatic peers. I remember the joy of getting my hands on the final sticker to complete my 1999-2000 collection (shoutout to Kilmarnock midfielder Alan Mahood), as much as I recall...

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