A year after Rio’s “most lethal police raid,” mothers still ask for justice

Residents of Jacarezinho say little has changed since a May 2021 drug bust left 28 dead. Police abuse remains commonplace

protest jacarezinho police
Residents of Jacarezinho still complain of police abuse. Photo: Natália Scarabotto for The Brazilian Report

Justice and peace: one year on from a brutal police massacre in the Jacarezinho favela of Rio de Janeiro, that is all the victims’ families are asking for. In the most lethal law enforcement raid in the city’s history, 28 people died last May as police officers stormed the neighborhood seeking to dismantle local drug trafficking operations. 

Mothers of the victims are revolted by the lack of progress in investigations, while the relationship between Jacarezinho and law enforcement has gotten no better. In January, the neighborhood was among the first to be occupied by a new Rio de Janeiro police...

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