Brutal murder of Congolese immigrant in Rio sparks nationwide outrage

Moïse Kabagambe was set upon by five men at the beachside kiosk where he worked in Rio de Janeiro after requesting back pay. After five minutes of torture, he was left for dead.

congolese immigrant murdered
Photo: Lazyllama/Shutterstock

“Look at this photo of my son, my baby. He was a good boy. They broke my son, they beat him in the back, on the face. My god, he didn’t deserve this. They got a rope, put my son on the ground, and pulled at the rope. Why? Because he was black? They killed my son because he was black, because he was African.”

Congolese citizen Moïse Kabagambe, 24, was brutally beaten to death in Rio de Janeiro on January 24, sparking outcry across the whole of Brazil and the heartfelt lament of his mother Ivana Lay, given...

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