Trial on deadly nightclub fire refreshes memories of horrific tragedy

A 2013 blaze in the overcrowded Kiss nightclub caused 242 deaths in 2013. Those responsible were finally convicted on Friday, in what is expected to be a landmark case

nightclub tragedy
Bodies painted on the pavement to remember the victims of the Kiss nightclub tragedy. Photo: Fernanda Frazão/ABr

It was past four-thirty in the morning when Sergeant Müller finally managed to get inside the Kiss nightclub. On the main dance floor, he counted at least 10 bodies, and another eight in the corridor. Despite the severity of the incident, he felt relieved by thinking that, among the 1,100 revelers in attendance that night — the club’s maximum capacity was 769 people — almost all of them escaped unharmed,

“Sergeant, come take a look at this,” said one firefighter, pointing toward the men’s and ladies’ bathrooms, located near the entrance to the club.

Müller followed his colleague and was...

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