Operation Welcome not all rosy amid Venezuelan migrant crisis

The Brazilian government has held up its Operation Welcome shelter and relocation scheme as a triumph, but chaos still reigns in the country's border towns

Operation Welcome not all rosy amid Venezuelan migrant crisis
Venezuelan immigrants sleeping around the Boa Vista bus station, in Roraima, Brazil’s northernmost. Photo: Avener Prado/Folhapress

This week, Brazilian senior government officials presented Josep Borrell, the European Union’s foreign policy chief, to Operation Welcome — a military-controlled task force in northern Brazil to shelter Venezuelan refugees. 

Having successfully documented over 60,000 citizens fleeing from poverty in Brazil’s northern neighbor, transferring them to regions across the country, the government presented the operation as a triumph — and Mr. Borrell was legitimately impressed.

But, during the meeting in Brasília — attended by The Brazilian Report — the government did not invite any dissenting voices, and may well not have been telling the full story about Operation Welcome.


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