Volkswagen puts its iconic Gol out to pasture in Brazil

The compact Gol was the best-selling car in Brazil for almost 30 years, but is now set to be discontinued to meet new safety and sustainability demands

Volkswagen Gol in Acapulco, Mexico. Photo: Art Konovalov/Shutterstock
The original Gol. Photo: Marco Henz/Shutterstock

The Volkswagen Gol, an icon among Brazilian automobiles and the market’s biggest seller for 27 years, will be taken off the production line to meet the car industry’s new safety and environmental demands. 

First manufactured by Volkswagen Brasil in 1980 as the brand’s entry-level car, the Gol appeared to be doomed right from the start. According to automobile magazine Quatro Rodas, the Gol incorporated all of the elements and features that Volkswagen headquarters in Germany had rejected for the highly successful Golf in Europe.

Visually, it was well received by Brazilian consumers, with its design subsequently being imitated by rival...

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