They traveled abroad for a vaccine. Now they are in limbo

Without clear regulations on vaccine mandates, Brazilians immunized abroad struggle to get the country's "vaccination passport"

vaccine covid tourism
Man holding his CDC-issued vaccination record. Photo: Antwon McMullen/Shutterstock

As 2021 began, Brazil faced a perfect pandemic storm. New daily Covid deaths were rising fast — and would reach the 4,000 mark by April — and vaccine rollouts were stuttering. At that pace, young adults could not envision when they would ever be immunized against the coronavirus. For 30-year-olds without pre-existing conditions, some government systems predicted vaccines to only be available by mid-2022.

As of late May, only 20 percent of Brazilians had taken at least one dose, and only 10 percent of the population was fully vaccinated.

So Brazil’s rich and super-rich opted instead to fly abroad...

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