A day in the life of a military interventionist

Amanda Audi spent Independence Day shadowing a notorious far-right influencer, who believes military intervention is the only way to improve Brazil

bolsonaro military intervention
Supporters of President Bolsonaro in front of the Congress building this week. Photo: Wallace Martins/Futura Press/Folhapress

At 7:14 am on the morning of September 7, Brazil’s Independence Day, I was stirred from sleep by the vibrations of my cell phone. “Today’s a day to wake up early, ma’am!” read a newly arrived WhatsApp message. My phone buzzed once more, showing me a photo of protesters dressed in green and yellow, set against a rising sun in the capital city of Brasília.

This was the beginning of my day immersed in the world of a militant group of demonstrators, who travel thousands of kilometers for days on end, believing that one day they will finally...

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