“In Brazil, it’s everyone for themselves”: Brazilians share the challenges faced during the pandemic

With over half a million deaths, the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil has affected people in the most diverse ways. In this photo essay, Isadora Fonseca and Sarita Reed explore what the health crisis has meant to the population

After taking the Covid-19 vaccine, Francisco de Assis, 89, did not see any change to his routine in the nursing home where he lives. Photo: Isadora Fonseca for TBR

After over 556,000 pandemic-related deaths, Brazil features near the very bottom on Bloomberg’s Covid resilience ranking, which evaluates 53 countries each month on aspects such as pace of vaccination, number of deaths, and economic prospects. In April, the country finished dead last.

Amid corruption scandals involving vaccine purchases, Brazil’s immunization campaign took its time to get off the ground. So far, just under 20 percent of the population is fully vaccinated, meaning any prospect of returning to normality remains some way away. To get a grasp of what the current pandemic situation means to Brazil’s vast and...

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