German and Swiss guns fuel armed conflict and police violence in Brazil

More and more European-made guns are among the most lethal firearms seized by Brazilian police

pro guns German and Swiss firearms fueling armed conflict and police violence in Brazil
Demonstrators in Brasília asking for extended gun ownership rights in Brazil. Photo: Elio Rizzo/Ag. F8/Folhapress

According to a report from gun violence NGO Instituto Sou da Paz, more than half of firearms seized by police forces in four states — Bahia, Pernambuco, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro — in 2018 and 2019 originated in Brazil, but a growing 6 percent consisted of European weapons, mainly from Germany and Switzerland. 

While this may seem a small percentage, these European-made guns make up a much more significant share of highly lethal weapons seized: 18 percent of pistols, 11 percent of submachine guns, and 8 percent of shotguns.

According to Natália Pollachi, project manager at Instituto Sou...

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