Brazilian public school kids go gaga for radio classes

Distance learning has been an extreme challenge for Brazil during the Covid-19 pandemic, with millions of students unable to access online teaching platforms. The solution? The tried and trusted radio

The radio reaches even Brazil's most isolated neighborhoods — something the internet still doesn't. Photo: Ronaldy Irfak/Shutterstock
The radio reaches even Brazil’s most isolated neighborhoods — something the internet still doesn’t. Photo: Ronaldy Irfak/Shutterstock

The Brazilian Report has explored the social inequalities widened by the coronavirus pandemic, none more so than in education. Only now, some 16 months after the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, are Brazil’s public schools beginning to reopen; meanwhile, the majority of private schools restarted lessons at the end of last year.

Without classes, most Brazilian schoolchildren had to rely on online lessons to keep up with their studies. However, due to Brazil’s size and diversity, this posed its own problem: millions of students either do not have any access to the internet or do not...

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