Brazil terrorized by manhunt for violent rampage killer

Over the past ten days, Lázaro Barbosa has been on the run for the police after a string of murders and robberies. Local residents are fleeing their homes in fear

lazaro manhunt
Lázaro Barbosa has evaded police in the state of Goiás for ten days, after a string of violent crimes. Photo: Pedro Ladeira/Folhapress

The Brazilian public has been enthralled and more than slightly concerned by news of a police manhunt in the country’s Center-West region, tailing a violent rampage killer. Over the last 10 days, 32-year-old Lázaro Barbosa de Souza has murdered four people, wounded another three, taken more than ten hostages, held an armed standoff with the police, and torched vehicles and homes.

Residents on the outskirts of capital city Brasília and the state of Goiás have been through several sleepless nights, fearing that they could be Mr. Barbosa’s next target.

The police chase began on June 9, when Mr. Barbosa...

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