Brazilian education in intensive care after pandemic ordeal

Across the board, Brazilian schools are feeling all of the knock-on effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Some federal universities risk defaulting on utility bills

education Classroom materials are cast aside as a school closes due to pandemic restrictions.
Classroom materials are cast aside as a school closes in Bahia due to pandemic restrictions. Photo: Joa Souza/Shutterstock

Few sectors of Brazilian society and business were able to dodge the pandemic-fueled financial crisis, and this certainly was not the case for schools or lower-income students. Since the coronavirus arrived in Brazil in early 2020, enrollments in private schools have fallen by roughly one-third, with 2.7 million students choosing not to re-matriculate. The data comes from a report produced by education-focused consultancy Grupo Rabbit, encompassing the 2018 School Census and studies carried out in over 1,200 schools between September and March.

Small and medium-sized schools were the most affected, losing between 38 and 41 percent of their students.


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