“Most lethal” police raid in Rio de Janeiro makes a mockery of Supreme Court rule

Twenty-eight people were killed in an armed incursion into the Jacarezinho favela. The Supreme Court had banned all police operations in favelas during the pandemic, but raids are becoming more prevalent once more

The Police have taken a shoot-first-ask-later policy to new heights. Photo: Jorge Hely Veiga/Shutterstock

A total of 28 people died and four others were injured during a civil police operation in northern Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, in what experts call the “most lethal” law enforcement incursion in the city’s history. Since the early hours of the morning, residents of the Jacarezinho favela reported hearing intense gunfire and seeing an estimated 200 heavily armed members of Rio de Janeiro’s Civil Police storm the neighborhood, which is known as a stronghold of the Red Command organized crime group.

Current reports have the death toll at 28, including one police officer. Four individuals were injured, two...

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