What we can learn from Brazil’s only fully-vaccinated city

In Serrana, around 300 kilometers north of São Paulo, the local population has taken part in a mass vaccination experiment and now hopes to return to a normal life

Health agent in Serrana
Health agent in Serrana. Photo: Butantan

Covid-19 vaccination in Brazil has been a calamitous process thus far. With the federal government casting doubt over the efficacy of immunizers for months, refusing offers from vaccine manufacturers, and even actively campaigning against the Chinese-made CoronaVac, immunization efforts have been set back significantly. Several variants of the coronavirus are spreading unchecked in the country, which has recorded over 365,000 deaths from Covid-19 so far. Dozens of thousands of new infections are recorded every day.

Amid this chaos, however, there is an oasis. In the small town of Serrana, some 300 kilometers north of Brazil’s biggest city São Paulo, the...

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