How São Paulo became a positive vaccine outlier in Brazil

São Paulo is suffering from overcrowded hospitals. Still, Brazil's richest and most populous state is making great strides in vaccine rollouts

vaccine outlier
If São Paulo were its own country, it would only trail Chile in vaccines distributed per 100 people in Latin America. Photo: Nelson Antoine/Shutterstock

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Brazil was a worldwide reference in vaccination, with infrastructure to inoculate up to 1 million people a day. However, due to logistics hiccups and a lack of supplies, the push to immunize Brazilians against Covid-19 has been much slower — at an average pace of just 179,000 jabs a day. But within this underwhelming scenario, Brazil’s richest and most populous state São Paulo has been a positive outlier, administering almost nine vaccines for every 100 inhabitants.

Data collected by The Brazilian Report shows that, if São Paulo were its own country, it would only trail...

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