Numbers of the week: Feb. 13, 2021

The most interesting figures tucked inside the news about Brazil. This week: a struggling economy, coronavirus vaccines, and more ...

coronavirus covid-19 vaccine economy
Stores closed in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: PhotoCarioca/Shutterstock

This is Brazil by the Numbers, a weekly digest of the most interesting figures tucked inside the latest news about Brazil. A selection of numbers that help explain what is going on in Brazil. This week: Palmeiras let Brazilian football down on the world stage, GDP figures are better-than-expected, murders on the rise, a potential return for the coronavirus emergency salary, vaccine shortages, and Brazil’s struggling services sector.

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4-percent economic drop in 2020

After posting better-than-expected growth in December (0.64 percent), the Brazilian economy ended 2020 with an overall drop of 4.05 percent, according...

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