Stalin and Kim Jong-un have their admirers in Brazil

Brazilian left-wing fringes have taken controversial views on the former leader of the Soviet Union and North Korea's Supreme Leader

kim brazil stalin
Meeting of the pro-Kim Center for Studies of Songun Politics. Photo: Facebook/CEPS

In a recent interview, legendary Brazilian songwriter Caetano Veloso sparked controversy by claiming he had abandoned what he called “vague liberalism” and “anti-communism.” Caetano, who was arrested and forced into exile by Brazil’s military dictatorship in 1969, attributed this “ideological evolution” to a discussion with “a young man from Pernambuco named Jones Manoel.”

“He quoted an Italian author, called Domenico Losurdo, who wrote a counterfactual history of liberalism and has a book on the modern views of liberalism critique,” said Caetano.

Jones Manoel is a young historian, YouTuber, podcaster, author of books on Marxism, and an affiliate of the...

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