Brazil has more doctors than ever, but still not enough

The number of Brazilian doctors has doubled in the last ten years, but large swathes of the country are still left without adequate medical care

doctors brazil
Brazil never had as many doctors as it does today. Photo: Photocarioca/Shutterstock

Amid one of the largest health crises in the country’s history, Brazil has never had so many doctors. In the space of a decade, the number of trained doctors has doubled, going from 230,110 in 2010 to 502,574 in 2020. But it is still not enough to treat the entire population during pandemic times.

In some states, there are doctors to spare; in others, they are harder to come by. As with many aspects of Brazilian society, the distribution of medical professionals is unequal and runs on lines of class and wealth. In the richer Southeast, several cities have...

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