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. Dec 05, 2020
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This is Brazil by the Numbers, a weekly digest of the most interesting figures tucked inside the latest news about Brazil. A selection of numbers that help explain what is going on in Brazil. This week: bank heists, Brazilian artists dominating YouTube, Black Friday purchases, and vulnerable families.

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27 percent of households reliant on benefits

Brazil’s Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea) showed on Friday that

27 percent of households received <a href=";view=article&amp;id=37160&amp;catid=3&amp;Itemid=3">no income</a> from work activities in October — and nearly 5 percent of them (3.25 million families) relied solely on the <a href="">coronavirus emergency salary</a>. Almost 1 million fewer families received the aid in October when compared to September — the first substantial drop in recipients since June. On average, each Brazilian household received a combined amount of BRL 688 in October, against BRL 902 in the previous month.</p> <div class="flourish-embed flourish-scatter" data-src="visualisation/4569776"><script src=""></script></div> <hr class="wp-block-separator"/> <h2>2 heists, one week</h2> <p>An armed gang surrounded the city of Criciúma, in the southern state of Santa Catarina, during an elaborate and daring bank heist in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Shooting started around midnight and continued for over an hour. The target of the <a href="">robbery</a> was a Banco do Brasil branch in Criciúma town center, with the criminal group blowing open cash machines and safes using explosives. Authorities have not specified how much money the gang managed to steal from the bank. Hostages were used as human barriers on the city&#8217;s streets. One security guard and a military police officer were injured. Nine people have been arrested in connection with the crime.</p> <p>The next day, a strikingly similar heist took place in the northern town of Cametá — on the other end of Brazil. One hostage was killed in the siege.</p> <hr class="wp-block-separator"/> <h2>1 year since the Paraisópolis massacre</h2> <p>On December 1, 2019, during a famous funk music street party — known as a <em>baile funk </em>— in the São Paulo neighborhood of <a href="">Paraisópolis</a>, nine youths were crushed to death after a brutal police crackdown operation caused a stampede. One year on, São Paulo&#8217;s public security authorities say the officers involved in the operation are no longer on the street, but they have not yet been charged.</p> <p>This week, residents of Paraisópolis gathered to pay tribute to the victims, holding a vigil in the alley where they lost their lives. And the victims&#8217; families held a protest to demand compensation from the São Paulo government and the punishment of the police officers involved.</p> <hr class="wp-block-separator"/> <h2>8 of 10 top YouTube music streams come from Brazil</h2> <p>In the music industry, the coronavirus-plagued 2020 was one of online concerts on <a href="">YouTube</a>. And Brazilians showed the world they are not to be trifled with when it comes to consuming music. Eight of the top ten live music streams on YouTube came from Brazilian artists.&nbsp;</p> <p>Brazilian country singer Marília Mendonça had the most watched live show of the year, with 3.3 million simultaneous views. In second place was country duo Jorge and Mateus.</p> <hr class="wp-block-separator"/> <h2>72 percent more in-app purchases</h2> <p>According to a survey by <a href="">AppsFlyer</a>, a data analytics and application engagement platform, Black Friday 2020 saw a 72-percent increase in sales through apps compared to the previous year. Among the countries evaluated in the AppsFlyer research, Brazil was by far the country with the largest number of app installations in November. The top 70 e-commerce apps received 45 million installs, 50 percent more than in the U.S.

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