Multiple crises scrub out a decade of inequality reduction in Brazil

The 2000s were a golden decade in Brazil — with inequality levels dropping to all-time lows. But the country's recent crises have rolled back that progress

Public policy’s failure to prevent rising inequality
Image: MicroOne/Shutterstock

A study by NGO Oxfam Brasil claims that the pandemic has not disturbed the wealth of Brazil’s billionaires. In fact, the 42 individuals who make up the top 0.00002 percent of the country actually improved their net worth by a combined USD 34 billion. Meanwhile, the rest of Brazil is heading into a lost decade in the economy, meaning that an entire generation of Brazilians will never reach their potential peak, as we at The Brazilian Report have shown.

But with new data being collected, analyzed, and used as the base for scientific studies, Brazilians are getting an...

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