Rio de Janeiro sees eight times more deaths in 2020

Data from civil registries has shown a huge increase in registered deaths during the pandemic months, particularly in major state capitals

rio de janeiro covid-19 pandemic deaths
Members of an NGO place several crosses along Copacabana Beach to honor Covid-19 victims. Photo: Andre MA/Shutterstock

While the coronavirus epidemic has already been recognized as the deadliest event in Brazilian history (barring colonization and slavery, which lasted for centuries), there is a consensus that official data doesn’t come close to defining the full extent of the crisis. Underreporting has been denounced in several states and municipalities, as The Brazilian Report has illustrated recently. One of the persistent inconsistencies with Brazil’s pandemic data regards deaths as a result of Covid-19 being recorded with different causes. In that vein, properly identifying the scale of the crisis may be achieved by analyzing the absolute number of deaths around...

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