Brazilian volunteer group honors Covid-19 victims’ stories

A group of journalists and students are publishing obituaries of Covid-19 victims, giving faces to the numbers amid the pandemic

Brazilian volunteer group honors Covid-19 victims stories
Covid-19 burials in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Jorge Hely Veiga

On April 28, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro answered “so what” when asked about the rising Covid-19 death toll in Brazil. His nonchalance is reminiscent of the quip, often attributed to Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, that “one death is a tragedy, but 1 million deaths is a statistic.” As confirmed coronavirus deaths reach five figures, journalists face a challenge not to let the victims — who leave behind families and friends — be left as mere statistics on a growing casualty list.

With this in mind, a group of volunteer journalists decided to join forces and try to...

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