How São Paulo can avoid a Covid-19 collapse

São Paulo is home to 30 percent of the country's Covid-19 cases. Yet, its health system has remained resilient. For now

How São Paulo can avoid a Covid-19 collapse
Photo: Tiago Pestana/Shutterstock

Social isolation measures in the state of São Paulo are scheduled to be relaxed as of May 11. However, with more and more people flouting confinement rules and Covid-19 cases increasing at a faster pace, São Paulo Governor João Doria has hinted that Monday’s deadline could see the state’s anti-Covid-19 rules made even tougher, with full-scale lockdowns not out of the question for some municipalities. 

However, while São Paulo is Brazil’s Covid-19 epicenter — home to 30 percent of cases and 35 percent of deaths — the state’s healthcare network has so far avoided collapse. The state capital of São...

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