Could Covid-19 spark a culture of charity in Brazil?

Charity in Brazil is largely restricted to religious associations. Will Covid-19 change this scenario?

From billionaires to everyday citizens, charity in Brazil is largely restricted to religious associations. But with big business giving big money to the Covid-19 fight, could this be about to change?
Photo: Tada Images/Shutterstock

There’s an old maxim that dark times bring out the best in people. In Brazil, the unprecedented challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic have already sparked a never-before-seen response from both companies and civil society. Now, the question is whether this goodwill may be enough to promote a lasting culture of charity in a post-pandemic world.

Initial results are encouraging. Itaú Unibanco, the largest bank in Latin America, has given BRL 1 billion (USD 196 million) to fight the disease in what was the biggest corporate donation in Brazilian history, adding to the BRL 250 million announced previously. Other...

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