More Brazilian states facing collapse under Covid-19 pressure

Two states have declared a complete collapse of their health systems, many more are expected to follow as the country's Covid-19 curve increases

After Amazonas, more and more Brazilian states facing collapse under Covid-19 pressure
Amazonas’ healthcare system experiences a collapse. Photo: Amazônia Real

On Saturday, news website UOL published a series of shocking videos sent in by residents of the city of Manaus, the northern urban expanse with a population of 2 million, slap bang in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. The footage showed desperation at public hospitals around the city, with a lack of beds and, most notably, medical professionals. The Covid-19 pandemic has already driven the city’s healthcare system to complete collapse.

On Saturday evening, the head director of the São Raimundo accident and emergency facility — featured in more than one of the videos sent to UOL —...

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